About Us

Passionate about the healthy

GO NATURAL FOODS was born from the firm idea of its partners to provide the community with a first line service of healthy food, using the current technology for the best door to door delivery service.

The dishes are a combination of vegetables, vegetable proteins, natural dressings and first line real fruits, other production lines are Bakery, like empanadas and cheese bread, served in environmentally friendly containers. Our main concept is based on eliminating trans fats and processed foods from the menu. In our proposal you will find that some of our street dishes represent a gastronomic journey through South America.

Draw our Inspiration

When we arrived at Bellingham we perceived that we could provide a new gastronomic alternative, which would include the vegetarian and vegan population, as well as those committed to the care of health and the environment.


Provide the community with a menu that combines nutrients that bring balance and well-being to the body.

Where we are going:

Be recognized as a leading provider in the food industry, which delivers highly healthy products, with quality and in a timely manner, contributing to the care of people and the environment. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions, to continually improve.

Thanks Bellingham for giving us the opportunity to be here.